Our services are focussed on converting strategic initiatives into reality. Whether they are scaling for success, building organisational capability, devising complex processes or redesigning new and meaningful ways of working, No 8 Consulting can assist.

We work with the science and art of change.

From the technical process of defining and assessing and implementing change through to the art of anticipating and working very practically with the human reactions and responses to change.

Management Consulting

We examine, provide technical advice and devise strategy to clients looking to understand the implications, impacts and steps involved in making wholesale changes to their business or to enact their strategic initiatives.

Change Management

We ensure that you understand the issues, risks and steps associated with a business transformation. We can then manage the change process on your behalf or work alongside your senior stakeholders.


Facilitation services spans architects of strategic planning and expert delivery, to expert leadership and change capability building, through to core skills building via group sessions or individual coaching and mentoring.

What Our Clients Say