No.8 Consulting


Number 8 Consulting (No. 8) is a contemporary Business Transformation, Organisational Design and Change Management consulting practise that specialises in helping you to transform to a more profitable future state. We are founded on the simple principle that ‘change is infinite’.

Our expertise sees us working with clients to transition their organisations where their people are impacted. We work with you to devise a strategy and/or implement it. We are concerned and focus on ‘The transition’.

What does that mean?

  • we start by creating a design around the future state of your organisation,
  • we then design pathways to achieve that future state,
  • we dig into understanding who is impacted and how,
  • we make sure there’s a plan to make those people aware,
  • we come up with tactics to make it easy to transition to the new, then
  • we work with leaders to enable delivery and support throughout

It’s no secret that change is polarising: contemplating changes offers opportunity, yet the very act of actually changing is rarely easy and oftentimes challenging. We know how to make it easy.

We are Change Architects – Transformation Experts – Strategic Facilitators.

Our Story

The number 8 within our company name denotes the infinity symbol on its side. This signifies our understanding that change is infinite and that our approach to change management is different – in fact a little sideways to the approach that many change consultancies take. We believe that rather than just looking at technology and new processes, as many consultancies do, it is people and how we manage them, that should drive change. This concentration on people reorganisation and how people react to change that is core to our change management methods.


We understand that the right solution is one that is exclusive to your organisation in order to be effective, and stand out from the crowd.

People Centric

Of course people are central to the success of any business. We dare to deliver solutions that are pragmatic and human.


We are as responsive as you have to be. We design solutions with agility and scalability in mind.


Unfortunately Change is complex, difficult and worrying. Stakeholders are often confused about what they need to undertake and concerned about the impact of the changes. We combine our wisdom of experience and your business know-how for maximum effect.


You know your organisation needs to transform

And with that comes change

Change in organisations can be polarising and complex

It’s rarely easy and it’s ever-present

Most people find change painful

It breeds uncertainty and is uncomfortable

People are used to doing things the way they always have

And forcing change creates resistance

Organisations want transformation to be;

easily integrated

seamlessly adopted by its people

strategically aligned

with great commercial outcomes

But projects often fail to meet these objectives


Because transformation isn’t linear

Often all of the pieces of the puzzle aren’t taken into consideration

And that leads to pain, missed opportunities and frustration

But we believe transformation can happen with ease

Through partnership, design, planning and deep listening

Points of ambiguity can be identified and transformed into a clear process

Enabling your business to transform seamlessly

We are No.8 Consulting and we exist to help you to transform into a more profitable future state

Our Team

No 8 Consultancy operates an expert business model - leveraging a group of trusted independent consultants and freelancers when required within a project. Soon we will be introducing new team members.

Our Services

Our services are focused on supporting you to translate business strategy into reality for you and your people. We take a human-centered approach to help organisations innovate, grow or stabilise.

Our Expertise

Mergers & Acquisitions

Multi-faceted examinations of the workforce of both organisations to understand the delta, and provide advice the degree of integration required. It also requires strategies through to hands on tactical support on how best to integrate.

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Change impact analysis, plans and support to leaders and employees impacted by changes arising from technology. We examine the impacts automation has on ways of working and redesign business operating models, job roles, operational procedures, and organisation structures to suit.

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Scale Up

A crucial part of scaling any business is managing the associated changes to the team. We provide expertise in designing operating models, redesign of core people practises that support growth.

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Disruptions and turnarounds calls for repositioning – be it relocations, restructuring, downsizing, redesigning or redirecting expertise and market offerings to better service the needs of customers, improve margins, or grow market share.

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Culture exists in every organisation. But is it right for your goals and ambitions? Driving culture change starts with understanding the unique baseline and language. From here we we co-curate your desired culture that is going to enable strategy, facilitate performance, and aligned behaviours.


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