Who We are

No.8 Consulting is motivated by the evolutionary forces in business and co-designing individualised solutions that see our clients turn wicked corners!

Management Consulting

We are examiners; providing technical advice + devising solutions and/or strategies to help businesses turn corners. We understand how to make changes or to enact strategic initiatives that last

Change Management

We uncover the people impacts relating to businesses audacious goals + deliver the steps to make those changes real for their employees. We manage people side of projects + offer change-related governance


We are architects of facilitation thru to delivery. From games to create cultural change, design thinking workshops for innovation, strategic planning, training or 1:1 coaching of core skills, leadership and change

Our Expertise

We have identified four major business scenarios that require large change programmes. We have expertise in all of them.

Mergers & Acquisitions

This requires complex examination of the workforce of both organisations to understand the delta, and provide advice the degree of integration required. It also requires strategies through to hands on tactical support on how best to integrate.

Case Study


This requires change analysis, plans and support to leaders and employees impacted by changes arising from changes in technology. We examine impact automation has on ways of working – redesigning business models, job roles processes & structures to suit.

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Scale Up

A crucial part of scaling any business is managing the associated changes to the team. We provide expertise in designing operating models and prioritising the introduction and redesign of core processes that support growth.

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Disruptions and turnarounds calls for repositioning – be it relocations, restructuring, downsizing, redesigning or redirecting expertise and market offerings to better service the needs of customers, improve margins, or grow market share.

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We help leaders with their organisation's most critical issues and opportunities. Together, we create enduring change and results.