Contemporary Business Consulting Firm in Adelaide

No.8 Consulting is a contemporary Business Transformation, Organisational Design and Change Management consulting practise.

Management Consulting

We are examiners; providing technical advice + devising solutions and/or strategies to help businesses turn corners. We understand how to make changes or to enact strategic initiatives that last

Change Management

We uncover the people impacts relating to businesses audacious goals + deliver the steps to make those changes real for their employees. We manage people side of projects + offer change-related governance


We are architects of facilitation thru to delivery. From games to create cultural change, design thinking workshops for innovation, strategic planning, training or 1:1 coaching of core skills, leadership and change

Our Expertise

No 8 is a contemporary Business Transformation, Organisational Design and Change Management Consulting practise that specialises in helping you to transform to a more profitable future state. We are slightly different to others and provide the following value:


The majority of Change Management and Business Transformation consultancies will use the same approach for different business scenarios, whether a merger & acquisition, scale-up, repositioning, or a technology change.

Organisations run into trouble because these scenarios are vastly different and require various methodologies.

At No. 8 Consulting, we have worked across all four scenarios and will pull the different methodologies from our belt to guide your organisation to a more profitable future state.


Most Change Management and Business Transformation consultancies will listen to the problems you need to solve and then put you through the modulated program designed to solve your particular pain points.

The size and scope of these organisations make you feel secure. You understand that they’ve rolled out projects like yours many times before. It’s true they have, and sometimes you get the results you need and sometimes you’re left feeling like another number.

At No. 8 Consulting, we treat every client differently because no two projects are ever the same. Change and transformation are complex and need to be treated that way. There’s no cookie cutting here!


Consultancies can be notorious for writing great proposals and starting work at speed. It’s often exciting initially, but it’s at the first hurdle that problems usually begin to arise.

This is often due to the amount of planning that goes into a proposal. Change and business transformation projects are often highly complex. Therefore, time and effort need to be put in up front to ensure as many hurdles can be negated as possible.

At No. 8 Consulting, we always plan to win from the beginning. Utilising various tools and methodologies, much of the planning is done before the project commences.

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