A contemporary consulting practise specialising in business transformation and change. We have worked on many change programs, providing hands on expertise from strategy through to comprehensive design, complex transition planning through to detailed change tactics and outcomes. We strategise, architect, advise, enable, coach and facilitate along the way.

There are five major business transformations that typically require our expertise.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Most M&A deals fall short because of the culture differences between two merging entities. We work with bid teams to examine the workforce of both organisations to understand the delta, and provide advice the degree of integration required. We also provide strategies through to hands on tactical support on how best to integrate and optimise the merging of people, structure, and processes.

Read our case study to see how we helped this major rail organisation.


We provide contemporary change expertise to leaders and employees impacted by changes arising from changes in technology. We also examine the impact automation has on ways of working – redesigning business models, job roles and processes and structures to suit.

Read our case study to see how we worked with this major port operator to undertake a business case and devise a change strategy on automation.

Scale Up

A crucial part of scaling any business is managing the associated changes to the team. Typically the need for a growing number of employees equates to diversifying functions, skill sets and responsibilities or a mixture. Designing an organisation that’s scalable for growth requires transitioning from ‘jack of all trades’ to streamlined and specific. We provide expertise in designing operating models and prioritising introduction / redesign of core processes that support growth and provide stability for maturing businesses.

Read this case study into working with the business owners as they scaled up, onboarded the employees and changed their working methods and processes to cope with a geographical footprint.

Repositioning & Turnarounds

Disruptions and turnarounds calls for repositioning – be it redesigning operating models and structures, relocations, restructuring, downsizing, or redirecting expertise and market offerings to better service the needs of customers, improve margins, or grow market share.

Read our case study to see how we undertook a major turnaround to restructure, consolidate, and relocate a large-scale workforce in an industrially sensitive work environment.



Culture exists in every organisation. But is it right for your goals and ambitions? Driving culture change starts with understanding the unique baseline and language. From here we we co-curate your desired culture that is going to enable strategy, facilitate performance, and aligned behaviours.

Read our case study to see how we changed the culture of this Aged & Disability care Company to provide consumer-directed care, at the same time market its services direct to the community and next of kin (formally via government tender).

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