Emma Frazer

Managing Director

For the past 15 years, Emma Frazer has specialised in Change Management, Organisation Design, Workplace Effectiveness and Business Transformation.

Working with some of the largest businesses in Australia, Emma has managed transformation, restructures, organisational design, strategy and business planning, leadership development, employee engagement and culture, transition management, talent and performance management, and business readiness.

From her years of experience, she understands that the best outcomes come through strong partnerships and therefore, Emma works alongside your management teams and employees guiding them through the twists and turns of rapid change and growth.

Emma aspires to transform energetic organisations that are looking to build a more profitable future state. She’s not your ordinary practitioner – she’s a lateral thinker, with the unique ability to see through to solutions, bring people on board, and act accordingly.

If you’re ready to transform into a more profitable future state, let’s chat!

- Accredited change practitioner
- Business coach
- Strategic Facilitator
- Design Thinker
- HR strategist
- Pragmatist (so her clients say)
- eternal optimist (self-anointed)